Master of Technology - Biomedical Engineering (BME)

The MTech in Biomedical Engineering (BME) programme at IIT Hyderabad envisages an integration of engineering and the life sciences towards innovative development in Bioengineering through research and education. Biomedical engineering at IIT Hyderabad aims at developing engineering strategies to promote innovations in medical technologies and solve challenging problems in medicine and facilitate the translation of technology to clinical health care. Please check FAQs section for more details.

MTech program in Biomedical engineering (BME) is a highly interdisciplinary program conceived for those with a passion for working towards solving grand healthcare challenges.

The department has two broad focus areas
    ○ Healthcare Engineering & Analytics
    ○ Biomaterials & nanomedicine

The former typically requires a background in engineering, physics, math or quantitative sciences and the latter typically requires a background in biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutical or life sciences.

MTech - BME is a two-year program. The first two semesters (first year) is reserved for course work (26 credits) and second year is reserved for thesis work (24 credits). The minimum number of credits that need to be completed to obtain the MTech degree is 50, out of which 24 credits are reserved for thesis work. The course credits typically totals to 26, of which 10 credits are for core (compulsory) courses. A student has the liberty to choose remaining 16 credits worth courses from a variety of focus areas the department offers. Fig.1 and Fig.2 illustrate the distribution of credits and the elective themes. Apart from these, students are also allowed to choose elective courses from other departments that are relevant to the skillset they want to build for themselves, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor.

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M.Tech BME Curriculum

Please find the M.Tech BME (2021-2023) Curriculum here

Faculty advisor for the MTech - BME program - Dr. Kousik Sarathy Sridharan

Department Post Graduate Committee (DPGC)


   ○ Dr. Aravind Kumar Rengan


   ○ Dr. Subha Narayan Rath
   ○ Dr. Harikrishnan Narayanan Unni
   ○ HOD, BME