Master of Technology - Biomedical Engineering (BME)

The MTech-BME program is typically a two-year program and admissions are possible through three modes, viz., MHRD, Govt. labs/PSU sponsored and self-sponsored. To apply to the MHRD mode, applicants should either have a qualified GATE score in a relevant paper or must have completed their BTech from an IIT with a GPA of 8.0 or above.
The MTech-BME program is also available in the three-year format, subject to availability of project positions.

Please see Admission Process FAQs and Admission Brochure for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is hostel accommodation provided?
○ Hostel accommodation is provided subject to availability.

2. Is there any stipend for M. Tech. students ?
○ If you are admitted through the MHRD category, students are eligible for a Teaching assistantship stipend. See Admission process FAQs for further details.
1. What are the modes of admission to the M.Tech program in Biomedical Engineering ?
○ There are two modes of admission
       i. MHRD category (Mode-A) - Sponsored by the MHRD, Government of India, this requires a GATE score and admission
      ii. Self-sponsored category (Mode-B) - Candidate expends the cost of education through industry sponsorships or themselves
○ Each of these modes have some common criteria and some mode specific criteria. While students admitted through Mode-A are eligible for a stipend, students admitted through Mode-B are not.

2. What are the minimum requirements for the admission in the M. Tech. program ?
Common requirements for both modes:
First class or 60% marks (55% for SC/ST reserved categories) in
      A. BTech/BE in Biomedical, Biotechnology, Electrical, Electronics and communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Computer Science and Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Science, Textile Engineering and Fibre Science, Engineering Sciences (or)
      B. M Sc or equivalent (2 year) in Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Material science, Ceramics, Electronics, Computer Science, Life Sciences , Physiology, Engineering Sciences (or)
      C. MBBS, BDS, BPharm, BVSc or equivalent programme with duration of 4 years or more.

Applicants should have cleared GATE (for engineering and science graduates in their respective disciplines)/G-PAT/JGEEBILLS. Candidates with their degrees in Medical Science need to clear AIIMS / All India MCI/JIPMER/PGI Chandigarh/AFMC Pune/DNB Part I national level medical postgraduate entrance examinations or GATE Life Sciences examination for medical and biological sciences, and All India level pre-MDS/ MVSc selection examination for BVSc and BDS candidates. Eligibility / rank certificates are required for all such entrance examinations.
○ Specific for MHRD-IIT-BTech --Students who pass out of IITs with a relevant BTech degree (GPA >8) do not need a GATE score and can apply.
Financial support (i.e., assistantship or scholarship) will be provided to up to six GATE-qualified Indian students.

3. What is the admission process ?
○ Shortlisted candidates are invited to IITH for a written test and/or interview based on which offers are made.

4. Do I need to have an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering for M.Tech admission ?
○ It is not necessary for a typical candidate to have an undergraduate degree in BME. The MTech program is designed with courses embedded, to introduce the students to various aspects of BME and its various streams and focus areas.
○ An undergraduate degree in BME is definitely an added advantage as it orients the candidate to the whole arena of healthcare, diagnostics, therapeutics etc, though not compulsory.

5. Can I apply for an MTech. and a PhD program together during the admission process ?
○ Typically the admission offer is only made to the MTech program. If the student so intends and satisfies criteria set by the Senate, the conversion can happen in the second year of the program. Please refer to the Academic handbook for further details.
1. Are there basic engineering/mathematics courses for the students with a biology background & vice versa ?
○ The curriculum is so structured that it has 10 core credits which are compulsory courses that need to be taken by all students. They function as bridge courses to students from either side of the ‘aisle’.

2. Will the M. Tech. students get any specialization at the end of the degree ? Which specializations are available at the department ?
○ There are several elective or specialization themes (Link to Courses offered) available. Students can choose from themes and choose to specialize in them. For instance, a student who wants to specialize in healthcare devices data analytics would typically choose biomedical imaging, bioinstrumentation and computational biology. Students can also augment their elective buckets with courses from other departments in consultation with the faculty advisor.

3. Is there any thesis/research/development component to the M. Tech. program ?
○ The vital part of the MTech program is the opportunity to engage, participate, contribute and learn in the cutting edge research environment at the various labs in the department. See the Research page to learn more about the various research activities in the department.

4. Do students get exposed to the real clinical/hospital environment ?
○ The Biodesign course, with a clinical immersion and biodesign component is a unique experience for the students from various backgrounds. Students visit functioning clinical environments, understand the various bottlenecks and problems healthcare providers face at various levels and theorize and build solutions.

1. Is it a part time course or do I have to attend classes in person ?
○ Self-sponsored MTech program is a full-time program, unlike an executive program. Hence attendance is compulsory.

2. I am working in industry and wish to participate in this program. Can I do the course while working ?
○ MTech-BME is not an executive program and hence cannot be done in parallel with a job. If the candidate obtains a leave of 2 years, it is possible to take up the program.

3. What is the fee structure ? Is there any stipend/scholarship ?
○ Presently, the cost of the program is Rs. 25,000 per credit and Rs. 1 lakh as administrative expenses.

4. Do I have to be sponsored by any industry (for example my current employer) or can I sponsor myself ?
○ Candidates applying through Mode-B can be sponsored by the industry or self-sponsored as well.

5. Do I get a degree or a certificate at the end of the program ?
○ Once the student completes the degree requirements, a degree of Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering from IITH is presented to the students.

Important information for 2021-2023 Session MTech admissions

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